A juicy red tomato sliced perfectly and placed

## ## Longing for a fresh tomato sandwich

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PLAINS TWP. There are so many things we miss during these self isolating pandemic times.

Hopefully, we will soon be able to return to doing some of the things we enjoy, albeit with restrictions. In other words, get used to wearing those masks, make sure you have gallons of hand sanitizer and, for crying out loud, practice social distancing.

OK, now let examine some of the things we miss most.

Socializing in public places check.

Attending/watching live sporting events check.

Dining out in our favorite restaurants check.

Attending live concerts/shows check.

I could go on and on and on. We all long for a return to normalcy to be able to watch TV news and not hear the words pandemic, coronavirus, social distancing, self isolation, or mitigation.

And then right in the middle of all this, for me anyway, comes this craving for a fresh, homegrown tomato sandwich.

Yep, that right. A juicy red tomato sliced perfectly and placed between two slices of rye bread and some mayo and away we go.

I purchased a couple of greenhouse grown tomatoes the other day. I made a sandwich. It wasn bad, but the taste of those locally grown tomatoes just wasn there, leaving my craving unsatisfied.

That all I want. I don need to add lettuce or bacon or avocado or anything. Just a few slices of tomato, a little salt and pepper, mayo and rye bread. And I promise you, I will not grill this sandwich. I will savor the juicy taste and I will be forever grateful.

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